Color Memory

I’m going to revisit my recent trip to Arizona for this Flashback Friday. My family and I headed into the painted desert in mid-February. One of our destinations was the natural wonder that is Antelope Canyon, named for the herds of pronghorn antelope that used to roam the area long ago. It’s a slot canyon located in northern Arizona on the northwestern corner of the Navajo Nation, just 5 miles from the Utah border.

Antelope Canyon, or Hasdestwazi  (“spiral rock arches”) in the Navajo language, is famous for its gorgeous sandstone walls carved by rainwater and flash floods, which take on a spectrum of colors depending on the time of day. It is likely impossible to take a bad picture while you’re inside it. Just the kind of thing to inspire a little wander-verse.

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2016: One Word Resolution

I usually make this post at the A Nudge in the Right Direction, but since I have my 30 Before 30 goals here, I thought this might be a more appropriate venue.

For the past few years, instead of making individual New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve picked one word to be my touchstone and guide for the year. I call it the One Word Resolution, but I read about the concept first at Jessica Cora‘s blog. I’ve also used Susannah Conway’s free e-workshop for finding my yearly word.

I let January get away from me, which I admit isn’t the best start to 2016, but I have landed on a word for the year.


2015 was a wonderful year that swept me away. I don’t think I was completely successful with sticking to my word CHANGE, but I did let myself say “yes” to more things and didn’t self-reject from opportunities and experiences as much. At the same time, doing as much as I did also left me feeling spent and burnt-out, especially towards the end of the year. I found myself wondering where all my time went, and yet on weekends, I found myself so exhausted that I couldn’t motivate myself to do any of the productive things I wanted to do.


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