Bite-sized Love Poems

I was reminded yesterday, Valentine’s Day, that I used to write itty bitty love poems. A few years ago, I got back into poetry by writing bite-sized poems on Twitter with two author-friends. We came up with the hashtag #twtpoem for the micro-tales we created.

On Valentine’s Day in 2014, it turns out I wrote a few Twitter poems. One of them I remember writing because it’s still one of my favorite micro-poems. The other I rediscovered when I dove back into the tag.

Since we all need a little more love and beauty in the world these days, I present them here for your enjoyment. May your month be brimming with joy.

These sinews hum,
this red drum beats
These lips form words to speak.
Fill these pipes
For you, they’ll sing.

You linger there
at the edges like
dust dancing in the beams
Quiet breath, soft caress in my
dispersing dreams.

P.S. My poet-sister Tehlor Kay Mejia posted a new poem yesterday as well, and I think it is just beautiful. Check it out here: love in the borderlands


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