Looking Glass: Outside the Comfort Zone

This blog has been a little bit about my coming into my sense of self in the last few years. Getting older has helped with that (you just care less what people think), and being more involved in my geekdom has also played a role. Particularly the enthusiastic and welcoming support of other geeks (especially women) has allowed me to take more fashion risks than I have in the past, especially as I’ve never thought of myself as particularly fashionable (I’ve always said that’s my sister).

But after discovering fun, nerdy clothes and completing a few Nerdvember fashion challenges, I’ve become more comfortable in my own styling skills and more keen to try new things, even if I think I might look ridiculous! That’s why I love the idea behind Dia&Co‘s Try-Day Friday initiative because it’s about getting out of fashion comfort zones. Dia&Co is a personalized clothing subscription box exclusively for plus sizes, and while I’m not plus-sized, I love that they’re about encouraging women to find and embrace their personal style. So in the spirit of choosing an unusual outfit over a “safe” one, I’m sharing this Try-Day outfit with you.

Culotte Overalls

Not gonna lie, I was hesitant about going for this double-risk of trying the culottes and overalls trends at the same time, but that’s what I already had in my closet, still unworn by me. So it seemed like the time to just go for it.


Outfit details: OVERALLS (unavailable- similar) // SHIRT (uniqlo- similar) // NECKLACE (Kate Spade Saturday- unavailable) // LIP COLOR (Colourpop in Times Square) // SHOES (Eileen Fisher – similar)

So why do I even have these wide-legged/culotte overalls to begin with? My mom bought them in Taiwan when she was there 2 years ago because they were super trendy at the time (their fashion tends to run ahead of ours). I was intrigued but skeptical, which is why they’d sat in the closet for so long. Mostly, I was afraid they’d make me look like a child, especially because of the relaxed fit and wide legs.

While I’m still not really on board with the return of overalls, the truth is I’d been contemplating culottes for a while because they just seem so dang comfortable and effortlessly chic with their flowy look. But again, fear of looking childish and short held me back. I liked the idea of culottes but believed it was a look only for the tall and willowy, both things I am not.

But I think this outfit turned out okay, and it was so comfortable! To assuage my fear of looking way young, I dressed up the overalls a bit to make it look more chic than casual. I wore a denim shirt buttoned up underneath the overalls and topped it with a statement necklace. For shoes, I just went with something comfortable and understated.

Anyway, if I can manage to wear corduroy overalls all day and not feel ridiculous, you can find someone you’re afraid to wear in your closet and wear it, too! What will your fashion “try” be this weekend?


Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with or sponsored by Dia&Co.

One thought on “Looking Glass: Outside the Comfort Zone

  1. Kimmy says:

    You look adorable!
    I too have worry about looking childish. I am short and sometimes there are clothes that I look at and know I just can’t pull off. But I am still pretty happy with where my “fashion sense” is now. I try to dress professional while at work but also comfortable. Skirts have been a favorite of mine recently. I didn’t think I could pull off the whole high waist circle skirt but I’ve managed to find a few I’m pretty happy with.

    So here’s to trying out new things!


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