Hi, I’m Alice – a geek girl on the roam.

What do I mean by that? Here’s a handy infographic, but in short, I’m a writer, book lover, TV binge-watcher, pop culture addict, and proud Ravenclaw. I dabble in poetry, iPhone photography, and Alexander Hamilton is my weird history crush. Oh, and I love to travel.

I’m up for indulging my wanderlust and filling my eyes with wonder whenever I get the chance, but I wanted a place to gather and share all my stories – especially the geeky ones. Hence, this adventure blog!


Why is this an “adventure blog” instead of “travel blog”?

Well, other than my fondness for the literary reference my name + adventure provides, I see this space as a mix of travelogue, geeking out, photos, musings, and inspiration. So it’s not really a “guide book” kind of travel blog; it’s more like a shoebox of souvenirs.

Travel means something different to everyone, and I want to capture the ways being on the roam affects me. Sometimes, that experience becomes a few lines of verse, a funny anecdote, our a moment of epic fangirling; other times, it’s a collection of brief impressions or candy-colored photos. Whatever it is, this blog is meant to be a record of places and experiences- whether they’re across the sea or in my back yard.

Besides, because I’m such a nerd about so many things, I think travel that involves my particular interests and various fandoms gives me a unique perspective on the trips. Who else is going to freak out the way I did when I stumbled upon George Washington’s Bible inside Federal Hall on my last visit to New York City? This is the kind of stuff that thrills me!

In fact, this project was inspired by a comment from one of my best friends about my New York City trip recaps. She said they’d opened her eyes to the crazy amount of early American history hidden throughout the city. This one comment gave me the idea to combine my love for history (and my general geekery) with my wanderlust, and thus this blog was born!

I want to share both a wanderer’s perspective and a geek girl’s perspective of the world, but either way, you’ll always get the Alice perspective of it.

Hope you enjoy your time here, and thanks for following me down this rabbit hole! If you like what you’ve read here, have a great travel story to share, or are a geek on the roam too, I’d love if you said hi!

Comment, email me <girlontheroam[at]gmail[dot]com>, or connect with me elsewhere on the web.



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