Hart & Hunter

In high school, I joked to my friends that I’d grow up to be a penniless poet. It made sense because I liked to write, and while I had very little formal education in poetry, I enjoyed reading and dabbling in it.

Fast forward to not-so-long-ago, and I’d all but given it up. Thanks to Twitter and writer friends*, I found my way back to poetry and started to feel like maybe I wasn’t terrible at it. I wrote a few, made a resolution to submit (no. 11) ** a few, subbed a couple to online lit-mags, and left it to fair fortune.

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I’m incredibly excited to say STRANGE HORIZONS accepted one of my poems for publication***, and it’s part of this week’s issue!

You can read my poem ACTAEON now if you have a few spare minutes.

It would make my day if you did.

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Leaf Peeping

It’s been over two weeks since I returned from my first autumn trip to New England, and I find myself dreaming of its changing leaves, crisp air, and apple orchards.

I was visiting the East Coast for the early American history and to see friends. I was not out there specifically to leaf peep – a term I had learned shortly before I left from a friend originally from upstate New York – but inadvertently, I ended up doing just that. How could I not be impressed by the northeastern autumn when it was so different from the kind of delayed and unremarkable Fall I was used to in Southern California?

(To give you perspective, it’s mid-November now and the maple tree outside my house is still 90% green.)

Thanks to my friend Tracey‘s urging and hospitality, I had the opportunity to see more than Boston when I headed up to Massachusetts for the last leg of my trip. And it was such a good decision. I went to places I wouldn’t have thought to visit, and I finally understood why leaf-peeping in New England is on so many people’s travel bucket lists (for example, it’s on my mom’s!).

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