Anger, Art, & Atalanta

February 2016 was productive for me poetry-wise. Two of the poems I wrote that month have already been published, but the other one I’d also started then languished for an entire year before I managed to finish it.

February 2017 felt very different from February the year before. The world had, if not changed, become unmasked at its ugliest places. I was tired and impotent and just low-key angry all the time. I told my friends I’d never been so full of rage, and all the words now were brittle and dry, fire and ruin.


Over a few days, I’d finished (a rough draft) of that unruly poem, surprising myself with how quickly it came together when I’d written and deleted so many stanzas before. It dawned on me I hadn’t been able to do it before because I hadn’t been angry enough. People think writing is about bleeding on the page, and it kind of is – but not all emotions translate the way you expect. Anger has always been draining to me; it’s not something that inspires my creativity. Or maybe I just never knew how to channel it until now.

Today, I’m so happy and proud to share THE FOOTRACE with you in its completed form.

It is one of the most difficult poems I’ve written, the one I’ve done the most revisions on, and it’s maybe my best so far. You can also hear me read the poem on the Strange Horizon’s poetry podcast.

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ANT-MAN Review Podcast with Crazy4ComicCon & TOTL

One of my 30 Before 30 goals was to participate in a podcast. I actually completed this in August last year when Tony – better known as Comic Con expert Crazy4ComicCon – asked for volunteers to chat about the season premiere of Doctor Who and the new Doctor. It ended up being a 3 person chat with Tony, me, and Andy from TOTL Podcast, and you can catch it here: Doctor Who “Deep Breath” Podcast Review.

I hoped I’d have the chance to do it again since I enjoyed myself so much that time, which is why “podcast” stayed on my 30 Before 30 list.

Fast forward to yesterday, Tony was once again asking for podcast volunteers – this time to review Marvel’s newest movie ANT-MAN, out today/last night. I’d already seen it at an early screening, but I joked that we should do a reunion show with Andy/TOTL Podcast.

Long story short, I’m in another podcast!! I didn’t actually make it out to the theater, but I participated over the phone with Tony and TOTL (Andy and Marlon) right after they’d seen the movie. We talk about characters, plot, expectations, the MCU, everything. So, watch out for spoilers!


Go see ANT-MAN first! Then listen to the podcast and let me know what you thought of the movie!

ANT-MAN Review with TOTL Podcast.



P.S. Come back soon for my Comic Con 2015 thoughts and recaps!