Thirty before 35

Read my original Thirty Before 30 post for the full story behind this project/Bucket List.

Read my Thirty Before 30 Reflection to see what I completed by my 30th birthday.

Below is my new list with a completion date of my 35th birthday. Read the original The 30 List post for a little more background.


When I’ve completed something, I’ll cross it out here and link to the associated blog posts and/or photos where appropriate. You can also look for related content under the 30 Before 35 tag.

  1. Road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway.
  2. See White Sands National Monument.
  3. Go on a writers’ retreat.
  4. Finish book trilogies: Graceling Realm, Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Lynburn Legacy.
  5. Tour the White House.
  6. See a ballet.
  7. Rehaul my closet.
  8. Finish a manuscript.
  9. Learn calligraphy.
  10. Read Jellicoe Road.
  11. Take Loki to the beach.
  12. Make Magic Coffee.
  13. Wander Iceland.
  14. Have Dole Whip in Hawaii.
  15. Get my own place.
  16. Paint a portrait of my dog.
  17. Write a short story & sub it.
  18. Visit The Ripped Bodice.
  19. Sell more poems.
  20. Read Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird.
  21. Change jobs.
  22. See the Winchester Mystery House.
  23. Explore more National Parks.
  24. Prune my bookshelves.
  25. Create a gallery wall.
  26. Go to Disneyworld.
  27. Tour Mount Vernon and Monticello.
  28. Learn to read tarot.
  29. Have a relaxation/wellness vacation.
  30. Visit to a wolf sanctuary.

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