Wander Verse

Welcome to the landing page for my poetry!

From here, you can find the poetry I’ve posted on this blog by either clicking the links below or by searching the “Poetry” tag.

Category: Wander Verse

Tag: Poetry

You will also find a bibliography of my published poetry linked here. I hope you will take the opportunity to read these at the online magazines that bought them (and check out the corresponding blog posts I have on the blog). I still can’t believe I get to have a list like this!



  • ACTAEONStrange Horizons, November 2015
    • 2016 Rhysling Anthology, May 2016
  • SUSURRUSThrough the Gate, September 2016
  • SKINLiminality, Issue #10 – Winter 2016/17
    • 2017 Rhysling Anthology, May 2017
  • NIGHT SWIMLiminality, Issue #12 – Summer 2017
  • ESTATE SALEPolu Texni, November 2017
  • MY TEARS ARE NOT FOR YOUL’Éphémère Review, Beyond the Shallows – April 2018
  • THE FOOTRACEStrange Horizons, May 2018
    • Strange Horizons Podcast, April/May Poetry
  • AND I BURN, The Sartorial Geek, HH- Avengers: IW Wake program, May 2018
  • BEAUTY ROUTINELiminality, Issue #16 – Summer 2018


Finally, if you enjoy any of the poetry I share here, please consider buying me a coffee!

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You can also support me by leaving me comments, checking out the above-listed magazines, emailing me (check the contact page), or tweeting at me @kangaru.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy your time in my little corner of the interwebs.


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